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Civil War - Pink
|What was the economy of the Southern states based on? |1. Agriculture and it relied on slave labor |
|What was the economy of the Northern states based on? |2. Industry |
|What is agriculture? |3. Growing of crops and livestock |
|What is industry? |4. The commercial production and sale of goods and services |
|What is a free state? |5. One where slavery is not allowed |
|What is a slave state? |6. One where slavery is allowed |
|What did the Northern states want new states to become? |7. Free states |
|What did the Southern states want the new states to become? |8. Slave states |
|Where were the new states coming from? |9. They were being created out of the western territories |
|What conflicts developed between the northern and southern states|10. |
|in the years following the American Revolution and led to the |North was industrialized and the South was agricultural and |
|Civil War? |depended on slaves. |
| |North wanted the new states to be “free states” and the South |
| |wanted them to be “slave states” |
|What did Nat Turner do? |11. He led a revolt against plantation owners in Virginia. |
|What did abolitionists do? |12. They campaigned to end slavery |
|What did Harriet Tubman do? |13. She established a route that escaped slaves took |
|What was the route that Harriet Tubman established called? |14. The Underground Railroad |
|What did John Brown do? |15. He led a raid on the United States Armory (Arsenal) at |
| |Harpers Ferry, Virginia. |
|What is an armory? |16. A place where ammunition is stored |
|Why did John Brown lead a raid on the Armory at Harpers Ferry? |17. He was trying to start a slave rebellion |
|What happened to John Brown? |18. He was captured and hanged |
|When did Abraham Lincoln become president of the United States? |19. 1860 |
| What happened when Lincoln was elected as president? |20. Several southern states seceded then other southern states |
| |joined them |
|What did the southern states form? |21. The Confederate States of America |
|What did Virginia do when the southern states seceded? |22. They joined the Confederate States of America |
| What did the eastern and western counties of Virginia disagree |23. The eastern counties favored slavery and the western |