Civilization Class Task 3 Human History Essay

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Jorge Rodriguez
SM 1301
Civilization Class Task #3

1. The first article that I have found meaningful was “Modern Humans Came out of Africa, Definitive Study Says”.
This article basically says that the modern human beings originated in Africa. In this article the author says that many investigations took place to propose the theory that early humans colonized the planet after spreading out of the continent some 50,000 years ago. The author also comments that after the investigations, the anthropologists found out that the lowest amount of variation was found in ancient populations from South America and Australia, the two main inhabited regions most remote from Africa. The reason is because the more you move away from the center of diversity where you started, the less diversity you have according to Manica, anthropologist from the University of Cambridge in England.
This article was valuable to me because it comes from National Geographic which is an accurate source of information. I find it very interesting the fact that there is a possibility that all human civilization could have originated in the same place.
2. The second article I found meaningful was “Ancestors of Native Americans spent 10,000 years on Bering Land Bridge”.
This articles talks about the theory that explains how the first human beings got to America. This theory is called the Bering Land Bridge Theory which states that a large group of people coming from East Asia crossed the Bering Bridge around 15,000 years ago after retreating glaciers opened access to coastal and interior routes into North America.
For me the valuable thing about this article was that since I was in high school,