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A career that goes unnoticed by many people is building classic cars is what I do. This is where the work that you do means everything and it can leave you with nothing. The business is not hard to get into, but surviving can have its difficulties. The people that make up the classic car world are all people that can work with their hands. Working with my hands is what I am best at and I love to show the talent I have through building classic cars.
These “classic cars” consist mainly of cars that are below the 1980’s. The cars that I choose to work on are between 1930 and 1980. That is a large time frame when you think of how long cars have actually been around. Through those fifty years there are different makes and models of cars, and thousands of very rare cars. Building a classic car can be done a bit differently, there are cars that are driven quite a bit and there are cars that are hardly ever driven. The cars that are hardly ever driven are considered to be the show cars. These cars are my main focus on building, because these cars cost a lot more to build.
With show cars there are large amounts of time spent on every little details of the car. And with a car that is driven a lot it is not perfected at all of the details because it is made to be used and not shown. Although cars are made to be driven the show cars have so much money and time put into them that they are not driven and their owners do not take any chances of something bad happening to the car. The choice of just doing show cars can be made based on the level of work a person wants to have to do. I choose to do show cars because I want to show my ability and craftsmanship by doing all of the little details. I am working towards becoming one of the best car builders. I will have to work hard and prove that I can produce some of the best built cars.
This job is very easily gotten; there are no tests other than knowing how to use the necessary tools. Education is not needed to be capable of working on a car; most of the things needed are learned through experience. To truly understand and be capable of doing virtually anything with a car will require learning about many different things. My plan is to study in the field of mechanical engineering. This field of study will teach about many things that are all involved with a car. There are more elements than most people realize to a car, all of the mechanical parts like the motor, transmission, and rear end work very specifically. If something is done wrong mechanically then the car might not run or drive at all. In mechanical engineering, structures are taught. The entire car is a structure; if the structure is wrong then the car could literally fall apart. Learning these things is key to being able to build a car the right way.
During my high school career I have taken every Engineering class available. Now that I have about finished high school I am going to go to Tennessee Technical University to further my learning about Mechanical Engineering. The area of education that I am doing will take four years. I will have to take many math classes along with classes that have to do with structures, and classes about drawing objects on the computer and how to manufacture products. When I am finished with all of the courses I will have a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Once I have successfully learned what I need to know I will be able to apply my new knowledge to my work.
With my new knowledge applied to my work my goals should come at a faster rate than if I had not studied Mechanical Engineering. I will be capable of doing anything to a car that I need to do. Being able to do more things will allow me to produce parts and different objects for any car that people have not seen before or something nicer than everything else. Being able to do these things will bring about more business and higher paying customers. With all of the new customers that I could