Classical: Same-sex Marriage and Marriage Equality Usa Essay

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Monica Se*******
Mrs. LaTour
English 101
10th April 2013
Equality for All The media is constantly influencing the American society on what equality consists of. In 2008 the state Supreme Court of California ruled that same sex marriages are legal under the state Constitution. This ruling stirred up many emotions throughout the American society. Both positive and negative opinions came exploding from all directions. Same sex couples took quite a beating with all the media exposure about if their union is correct in society. With all these notions and principles on how one is to live their life, is it really appropriate for society to discriminate those from the LGBTI (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersex) community and to interfere with their wants in same sex marriage? Same sex couples deserve the same rights as heterosexual couples. Since the ruling of the California Supreme Court, same sex couples have been on the radar and it’s been quite a topic to talk about. Unfortunately with all this controversy, many have forgotten that this topic on the union of same sex couple involves human beings who deserve to be treated the same as heterosexual couples. These are people that are being discussing about and their lives are being affected by every word and statement that is being said. Many gays have made statements about this controversy. They not only are responding to the opinions of others but have opened up and exposed their feelings such as the following statement; “My wife had developed significant anxiety. She feels like at any moment we will be hate crime victims” (Marriage Equality USA 88). Many have shown significant signs of distress, worried about their well-being and their safety. With all the exposure their right of privacy has quickly vanished and their lifestyles were being examined under a microscope not leaving one detail unturned. Society and the media needed to make sure this lifestyle was not deemed as unhealthy. Their parenting skills were severely analyzed to make sure they were qualified parents. As professionals they were looked at as well to make sure they possessed proper skills to fulfill the job. Not only did this controversy affect their personal life but also their relationships with others. Many lost touch with their own family members. Friendships with straight friends corroded due to the hostility that was caused. Many associated with gays felt as though they would be in danger if perceived as a gay or an ally (Marriage Equality USA 86). The discrimination and scrutiny on same sex couples became very overpowering and unkind. There are many people in society that would find it acceptable to interfere and probe into the lives of same sex couples and their want for a legal marriage. Several are against same sex marriage because they believe if defeats the concept of family. Society views a family as a mother, father and children. They believe that a child should have both a male and female figure present in their life. Jennifer Roback Morse states that “Children deserve at least the chance to have a relationship with a mom and dad. That isn’t hateful towards anyone” (Morse 83). Those who are refusing to accept same sex marriages have many reasons but they all state that one of them is not because they hate gays. The author points out that “It would be tragic for the gays and lesbians of California to believe that every house is inhabited by someone who hates them” (Morse 81). There are many other repercussions that will come along with the legal union of same sex couples. Most religious groups are against same sex couples/relationships only recognizing a union between a woman and a man. With the legalization of same sex couples would this religious belief now be considered unlawful discrimination towards same sex couples? Also would it be appropriate from gays to pursue legal action? Many questions will surface with the legalization of same sex marriages causing riots and