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Good morning/ Afternoon my fellow class mates, and Mrs Smith, I am here today to speak to you, as a former class mate, about making transitions 'Into the World'. A thing you will all have to do yourselves in the near future.
I'm going to be speaking about, the challenges that individuals face as they move into the world. During the novel "Story Of Tom Brennan", and the movie "The Blind Side. They both face individual challenges along the way, through their into the world experiences.
Through the novel "The story of Tom Brennan", J.C Burke uses many techniques such as flashbacks, motif and symbolism. The novel is written in first person, this also gives the audience a better understanding of the challenges and feelings faced by Tom.
Throughout the novel J.C Burke uses flashbacks to provide juxtapose between the life before the accident and the present time. The Flashback show the impact the accident had on the family especially Toms life. A scene of this is how before the accident dinnertime was full of enjoyment, but during the present time the energy has disappeared. As the novel progresses the use of flashback deteriorate, this shows that there has been a change in Tom's attitude and beliefs. Tom learns to forget the past and look towards the future.
Another technique is the use of a motif, a motif is a element that has a symbolic significant, in this novel water is the motif in Toms life. Throughout the novel Tom experience comfort when he is surrounded by water, he blocks out the negative attitudes and focuses on the positive thing and the future. Tom experienced this when he went to the local pools with his friends. By the end of the novel Tom starts a new life the book quotes "That was the morning Tom Brennan came back forever" This occurred at the secret waterhole which shows Toms motif and helps him reflect on his attitudes and beliefs to himself again.
Symbolism is used to communicate the emotional journey the family and in particular Tom have overcome. Toms journey conquering the run up the hill reflects his attitudes and beliefs throughout the story. Towards the end of the novel Tom reaches the top of the hill, without even realising the accomplishment. This symbolise him reaching a point in life where he can accept and face the future problems and has the ability to face and overcome all challenges in his life. The Movie "The Blind Side", also conveys the experience of the challenges of individuals beliefs and attitudes face as they move into the world. This move is about