Close Relationships

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10. Hebert, K. R., Fales, J., Nangle, D. W., Papadakis, A. A., & Grover, R. L. (2013). Linking social anxiety and adolescent romantic relationship functioning: Indirect effects and the importance of peers. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 42(11), 1708-20. doi: Overview: Heberts research identifies the impact social anxiety can implement on romantic partners and peer relationships. In theory this could support why some individuals lack the skills to engage in a romantic relationship. Although, this research contributed to the relation among social anxiety and close relationships, further research on functioning could provide more information on close relationships. Assessment - Some individuals …show more content…
Different studies have been conducted to gather the framework and essence behind close relationship because it plays a role in health and survival. 13. Ho, M. Y., Chen, S. X., Bond, M. H., Hui, C. M., Chan, C., & Friedman, M. (2012). Linking adult attachment styles to relationship satisfaction in hong kong and the united states: The mediating role of personal and structural commitment.Journal of Happiness Studies, 13(3), 565-578. doi: Overview: This research indicated the implements of two dimensions involving the attachment theory (avoidance & anxiety) and its effect on relationship satisfaction. Three components of commitment (personal, moral and structural) were also evaluated to determine its impact on relationship satisfaction. Assessment - Attachment theory and its importance to romantic relationships - Aims to understand the connection between adult attachment and relationship