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Coach Marketing Plan June 2010 – June 2012 BUS 620: Final Group Project March 8, 2010

*Executive Summary *- The focus of our 2 year marketing campaign is the building of the Coach line of handbags. The typical market focus of the handbag business for Coach is geared towards middle class women who have an interest in quality handbags and don’t who mind paying a little more for the quality and prestige of Coach products. While a Coach handbag is certainly a niche item, we feel there is ample room for growth. Coach’s top competitors are Prada, Gucci, Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana, Dooney & Bourke, Inc., Kate Spade LLC, and Michael Kors, Inc. We feel that we can expand our lead in the ‘accessible luxury’ segment of the upscale
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If our customers have to wait on a bag due to inventory issues, Coach might lose them to a competitor. The downside of this is being stuck with a glut on inventory that will need to be shifted to Coach Factory stores, and sold at a discount, which cuts into margins. Another weakness is the geographic concentration of stores selling Coach. Large urban centers host a significant portion of Coach outlets, whether they are Coach Boutiques inside upscale retailers, stand alone Coach stores, or Coach Factory Outlet stores. This limits Coach’s exposure to the mid-market retailers of the US, and makes Coach products generally inaccessible to most consumer segments. *Opportunities –* Coach can expand its reach through new store openings. The Asian market is growing considerably faster than the US. For instance, China in particular is booming. As China gets wealthier, the demand for luxury goods increases. China has experienced year over year growth in the 50% range the past 3 years. This market trend bodes well for Coach. The expansion of the Coach product line has shown an uptick in revenues. The Poppy line of Coach bags has made a large impact in the ‘value’ end of the luxury handbag market. Exploiting this growth is paramount. Tapping into the repeat business is another key. Coach has a loyal following, and these repeat buyers are vital. Another opportunity is the chance to gain customers from our competitors. As