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Two types of domestic tourists-
Family of four two adults and two children aged 12 and 15 travelling by car from Chelmsford and will require accommodation. Families are usually motivated by the desire to enjoy some form of entertainment on a holiday. This could take the form of visiting theme parks or choosing a destination where evening entertainment and children’s activities are provided. The needs of a family are to not assume, group entertainment, don’t discriminate, seat together, family size rooms and a destination with lots of variety.
A retired couple coming from Chelmsford by public transport and would require accommodation. Retired couples are usually motivated by the choice of a simple relaxed holiday, retired couples also enjoy visiting cultural and historical sites to learn more about another culture and life style. The needs of a retired couple are don’t be ageist, don’t assume and don’t presume.
Two types of inbound tourists-
A couple (aged 35 years) are visiting from China. Chinese tourist are usually motivated by the chance to experience different cultures and history, meet new people and learn about technology. The Chinese tourist also travels to visit friends and family and for different types of weather.
A group of students (aged 18 to 20 years) from the USA. A group of students from the USA would be motivated to travel by the experience of learning new cultures and lifestyles, seeing how others live and trying new things as well as getting a better world view.

Southend-on-Sea is a town, and seaside resort in Essex, England. The district is situated within the Thames Gateway on the north side of the Thames estuary 40 mi (64 km) east of central London. It is bordered to the north by Rochford and to the west by Castle Point. It is home to the longest leisure pier in the world, The Southend Pier. London Southend Airport is located 1.5 NM (2.8 km; 1.7 mi) north of the town centre.
Range of attractions
South end on sea has a range of attractions that are visited by the UK and overseas visitors to the town. The following is a selection of some of the most popular attractions.
Pleasure Pier
South end on sea is home to the world’s longest pleasure pier it stretches 1.341 miles long and has an abundance of things to do whether you want to enjoy some fishing for the day or just relax under the Royal pavilion. There is also a museum on the pier and different events that take part during the year. Adventure Island
Adventure Island Fun Park is situated on south end on seas famous seafront there are over 40 fabulous rides and attractions including the outrageous RAGE roller coaster. There are activities for older and younger children so