Coco: Gender and Women Essay

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Zhan xiaoyue
Reaction Paper 5: Miss Representation
Before the coming of the modern civilization, women were subjected to discrimination and mistreatment. It occurred because they were misrepresented in the leadership of the time. Modern civilization changed the way of living and brought up equality between men and women. As time changes, the media have become a powerful body that influences that individuals behave in the society. The media has brought back the issue of gender inequality through portraying women as less human. It is well-outlined in the film Miss Representation an American documentary of 2011. The paper will analyze the film Miss Representation to enhance the understanding of the media role in transmitting gender norms.
It is the expectation of individuals in the modern world that the media should promote diversity and modern ways of living where men and women are treated equally. However, the media is playing an opposite role in transmitting gender norms. It presents men as superior than women in the society. It is well seen through self-objectifying where women consider themselves as objects of beauty instead of human beings. In addition, women who are successful such as Sarah Palin are portrayed by the media as if they acquired the position not because of their efforts but because of the mercy of men. Here, the media presents women as less competent and dependents of men (McQuiston & Morris 58).
The mainstream mass media plays an important role in perpetuating gender inequalities in the society. Therefore, it calls for the need to come up with ways that can halt or slow down the