Essay Code of Ethics: Guidelines in Medical Assisting

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Code of Ethics 1 Susan Schwarzkopf SJVC Online Philic D1 Jennifer Rachal September 9, 2015

Code of Ethics 2

Medical Assisting code of ethics sets forth principles of ethical and moral conduct as they relate to the medical profession and the particular practice of medical assisting. A medical assistant works in conjunction with lots of other healthcare workers. A medical assistants day to day job is to perform clinical tasks and administrative duties that will keep the medical practice running smoothly. A code of ethics is a very much needed necessity. The American Association of Medical Assistants sets forth a set of principles known as the code of ethics( 2015).

A medical assistant will perform certain job duties with all respect to the patient, life and right to a human being. Keeping patient information and records confidential as respect for the patient is a must do. Medical assistants should be concerned with how the patients feel, think, and behave in relation to the value of themselves and others around them( 1997-2015). A medical assistant must treat all patients in a way it is respectful of them as an individual, because they are your patient. Dignified care can have a profound effect on the patients well-being. Respect is done when dealing with all patients.
Being polite, thoughtful, caring. Keeping the patient well informed of what is going on, meeting their needs as a patient and ensuring their privacy is kept confidential as all what medical assistants do to treat their patients with dignity and respect(

Dignity and respect are the key principles of the human rights act. When a persons dignity is compromised and no respect is afforded them, which is abuse of their human rights. To 3 make sure the patients rights are upheld, the key principles are fairness, respect, equality, dignity and accountability. The key principles should always be incorporated into the planning and standards( 2015).

List of 3-5 values
Code of ethics for a medical assistant that I believe should follow to be a good medical assistant. There are only 5 total code of ethics medical assistants should follow and I believe every single medical assistant should follow these 5 code of ethics.

1-Render service with full respect for the dignity of humanity.
This is what I did my essay on
2-Respect confidential information obtained through employment unless legally authorized or required by responsible performance of duty to divulge such information.
-A medical assistant should not in any way invade a patients privacy. All patients information between the medical assistant and the patient remains in between them