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A Fresh Breath Smile with a Kick of Mint
Colgate Max Case Study
Justin Hauver and Alyssa Rosario

MBA601 Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategies
Professor Laurie Rosner, Executive in Residence MBA Program

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Introduction: Apparent Issue: Global business development group measured

10 Most Important Facts:
1. Colgate Max Fresh launched in August 2004 contributed a record share of 34.8% in the same year.
2. Colgate Max Fresh was positioned as a premium brand priced between $2.49-$2.99.
3. CMF product line two product forms a liquid bottle and a gel tube.
4. Premium Segment represented more than half of category value sales with a 55.3% in 2004.
5. Super-premium segment had the strongest growth driven by Crest in the cosmetic segment.
6. Global business development group measured on market share not profit loss.
7. Global group responsible for global category strategy, resource allocation, and best practices idea transfer across regions.
8. CP rigorous packaging standards caused a six month delay for February Launch.
9. Flavor screening lasted 32 weeks and cost $200,000.
10. Potential advertising campaign cost were much higher than typical US advertising cost.
Real Issue
SWOT Analysis:

Figure 1 (SWOT)

Realistic Options: