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All throughout high school we try make things fun for ourselves. We push harder and harder each day with the things we do. Some kids join sports others go into dance or some other type of school extra circular activities but going into high school I wasn’t into much and was just going to be a regular student with decent grades and wasn’t really involved in school. But during the first week of school I learned, having a brush or pencil in my hand always brings sweet serenity to my mind. History was another thing that had my mind in great ease, learning how the world around us has come to be and the way it is at a constant change.
I have taken an art class, ranging from ceramics, drawing, sculpture, and painting every year for the past 4 years here in high school. This year as a senior I am taking two art classes, one of the two is actually an AP class. I truly do wish to have a high score on my pieces so that I can possibly go in a university already having a few hours on my back. It would save a great deal of money for me. As I am always busy with homework or a family matter I don’t get much of an opportunity to hold a pencil or paint brush to let my mind extend and run free with imagination.
My freshmen year when the teacher asked me to paint an animal that was endangered my mind shot a blank and I knew I would fail the class. Not really having much experience I went into the project with a negative mind. I was confused and wasn’t that great of a painter or drawer. Although I sat and moved my pencil of the crisp clean paper, the pencil barley touching it, leaving behind faint lines that soon became the outline of a polar bear. It wasn’t clear to me exactly what I was doing, the outline looked as if my younger cousins had scribbled on the paper, but I already knew I was going to fail so I didn’t care much. Sooner or later I began to paint the drawing I has did with water colors the water bleed through my paper and often got stuck on the table. I tried to get the colors and perfectly replicate the sunset shown in the picture before me, but I knew I couldn’t do it. Soon enough I was done and turning in my drawing/painting, sad because the grade probably wouldn’t be good. I