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We do not live in Biosphere Two, but some might say it sounds like it. We get citations if our grass is a little too long, everyone is expected to have similar political views, and there is some sort of rule that prohibits more than two outdoor pets. Anything anyone ever needs is no further than ten miles away. Needless to say I really enjoy living life in The Woodlands, Texas. It is a great community and I feel comfortable enough to say I wouldn’t mind living here for some time. Although it is great, it still does not change the fact that it is a bubble. Ideas get trapped and just bounce off of each other, back and forth. Everything in life has room for improvement, and a large improvement could be made in The Woodlands as in any other community by a few more people respecting other’s opinions and beliefs a little bit more. Misinformation, open-mindedness, and respect all need some work to make this community as all communities, the best it can be, and although I do not know this for a fact, it only seems right. As I sit in my government class of thirty, we discuss the current presidential campaign. Our teacher talks as if Romney is everyone’s favorite and kids laugh at the mention of Obama. The Woodlands is 75.760% Republican and there is nothing wrong with that, I am not writing about politics, I am just writing about the abundant misinformation I am seeing in kids my age and some adults. A lot of people here are open to many things and a lot of people here are intelligent and I know that, but when the minority is Democrat or Independent, they should not be completely disregarded and cast out. Everyone should feel free to speak their mind. This issue is not only prevalent in this community, but in many others across the nation. I just think that starting here could lead as a good example to many others, and what better place to start than my own community. When it comes to intelligence, I believe the more open-minded someone is, the smarter they are. A key word that can solve all of this is respect. I am not even near perfect, but I believe I have enough respect and awareness to call myself open-minded. I never judge, and I feel like every person is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions. Nobody should be penalized for liking or doing something that is not “the norm.” The…