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Midterm Working Outline
Thesis statement: Internet privacy is vulnerable and things must change before it gets out of hand.
Too much information is gained too easily and used against us without even knowing.
Facebook made new set of privacy options. “A spokesman says the move was intended to ‘empower people’ by giving them more ‘granular’ control over their personal information” (Lyons 3) Newsweek article “Google’s Orwell Moment: On the Web, privacy has its price”
We have privacy options or choice of whether or not to sign up for something at all.
You can choose not to share any information if you do not desire.
We diminish our right to privacy when we put our information up on the web.
My side
For the Facebook thing, many members thought that these new privacy options were actually a sneaky trick by Facebook to encourage users to put up more personal information. (Lyons 3)
In WSJ article: “Judge Approves Facebook’s Privacy Settlement” Facebook had a lawsuit filed against them for privacy violations. People said that Facebook “posted information about them online without their permission” (1 Geron).
“Information about purchases they mad on third-party sites was posted on Facebook without their knowledge.” (Geron 1)
Personal Experience, looking for spring break trips and a couple days later, had ads for them on my Facebook account.
Privacy is starting to be used as a currency and it can be dangerous.
People think that it is a good thing and are careless because we don’t need to spend money “But the fact that they’d rather get your data than your dollars tells you all you need to know” (Lyons 4).
New York Times article: “How Privacy Can Vanish Online, a Bit at a Time” by Steve Lohr – two researchers from Carnegie Mellon