Colonial America Dbq Analysis

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Colonial America was not a democracy because of political, economic, and religious influences like there being voting requirements, women having to follow laws, and the slaves not being free.
People could vote for the governor, but you had to be eligible to vote (Doc. 3). In 1763, in order to vote you had to be a Christian white male that lived in the thirteen colonies and had to own a certain amount of land in the colonies (Doc. 2). The white women, the slaves, and the Indians were not allowed to vote until the 20th century. The women also had a lot of restrictions that were not fair. When a woman got married she could not own land or make wages (Doc. 4). This is not like modern day America where women can own land and work. If a married man and woman got a divorce the man would have custody over the children (Doc. 4). In this day and time if a married couple got a divorce more than likely the woman would have custody of the children. Also when a couple is married the husband gains possession of all the things that belong to
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1). Although there was a lot of Christians in Maryland in 1649 what happened to the non-Christians or people with a different religion? Everybody did not have religious freedom like the Native Americans or the slaves, or any other group of people that were in America at the time. Most people who were not Christian were persecuted.
Even though Colonial America had some characteristics of democracy like the people being able to choose the representatives (Doc. 6) and the people being able to vote for a governor (Doc. 3) only certain people were able to vote and that was the men. Everybody was not treated the same. So no I do not think that Colonial America was a democracy because of political, economic, and religious reasons. When America get their independence from the British is when America will be a true