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Some people might say that the Columbian Exchange affected the world negatively due to all the death associated with conquering, disease, and slavery. But in fact the Columbian Exchange was more beneficial then detrimental because it created a new source of wealth for the Europeans and brought new goods to Europe. Over all the Columbian Exchange made an overall positive impact on both hemispheres. The Columbian Exchange began in 1492, when Christopher Columbus set sail on his voyage to the created an enormous increase in food supply and productivity. When the interests of the Spaniards turn from looting to exploration of mineral resources, two main mining resources emerged, Potosi in southeastern Peru and Zacatecas and Guanajuato in northern Mexico. For the first 200 years after it’s founding, Potosi produced over half of the silver of Spanish America. Innovations such as the “patio” which facilitated the extraction process through the use of mercury, and the unreserved exploration of native labor, made American silver highly competitive in the world market. Scholars have found it difficult to calculate the total production between 1550 -1750 but the best estimate is that Spanish America produced 150,000 tons of silver including gold converted into silver weight. North America received many domesticated animals from the Old World, including horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, and fowl. Although the animals provided valuable food, clothing, and energy sources, they caused mixed emotions in the Indians because the animals severely damaged important croplands. Not only did North America receive animals,