Ethics In The Workplace

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It is very important for managers to take charge of their employees and making sure that everyone is working together to make the organization successful. Managers must be the example to the employees before they can enforce ethics in the workplace. “According to Towers Penn, managers behaviors impact and influence the employees ethical behavior.” (Trevino) These are some examples of what needs to be done by managers to keep ethics in the workplace. *Supporting Teamwork *Acting with honesty and integrity *Encouraging/empowering people to take initiative *Having valuable experience/expertise *Encouraging new ideas and new ways of doing things *inspiring enthusiasm for work *Helping employees understand how the impact financial performance *Building teams with diverse skill back grounds” (Trevino)

This is used as a building block for the organization for managers and their employees in being successful in their jobs. Organizations need to have a code of ethics so manager can implement these procedures to the employees on what is ethical behavior at work. Ethics are also enforced by an organization by having some kind of ethics training seminars to help new hires and with their regular staff. Some organizations even hire outside consultants to draw up some ethic procedures to be put into place. This will ensure to what is expected by each employee. This will keep the employee focused on doing the job without having any dilemmas in the workplace. One thing not recommended is the cookie-cutter program because it is superficial. “It is a one day training program for the employee on “doing the right thing” won’t have any impact if the organizations incentive system rewards unethical behavior.” (Trevino) I believe that organizations need to have strong punishment for employees who conduct themselves in an unethical manner. In the past couple of years organizations have put a stop on sexual harassment by terminating the person on the spot if he or she is involved in any problems. When people see that there is no