Combustion and Hydrogen Gas Bubbles Essay

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Conclusion In the experiment held various sizes of hydrogen gas bubbles, which were made through pumping hydrogen gas in a soap mixture, then later ignited with fire to see the combustion and how long it last; our hypothesis was any bubble that measured under or equal to 1mm would not have any combustion, therefore no combustion time. Through the several trials that were held for each size bubble its been proven that all bubbles under 1mm had no combustion time and bubbles around 1mm to 3mm had had at the rang of a half second combustion time to an occasional 1-2 . Bubbles that were 4mm and higher though had a longer combustion time at the most 8 seconds. The complications we encountered through the experiment was definitely measuring the bubbles accurately. To measure them we first tried to use a ruler against the container the soap mixture was in while we pump hydrogen gas in and make the closest size to the millimeter we were on. Then we went back and redid the measuring by using graphing paper the has millimeter long boxes so we could wrap it around the container we had, so we could get way more accurate measuring. Another measuring problem we had was timing the experiment as accurately as we could, so that’s why we did three trials each for each size bubble. Through the experiment we learned how energy released appears as heat, light, sound , and kinetic energy, similar to a combustion engine in a car. Therefore using hydrogen could be used as an alternative