Essay on Class Action Lab Report

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Joseph Sulaiman
Alya Abourezk
Class Action Lab Report
To determine, through observations, the identity of substances produced in a chemical reaction.
Safety Goggles Stirring rod
Magnesium ribbon Solid CuSO4•H2O
Matches Test tubes
Copper metal 3M HCl
Red and blue litmus strips 0.1M AgNO3
Zinc metal 0.1M Pb(NO3)2
Test tube holder 0.1M KI
Bunsen burner 0.1M Na2NO3
Crucible tongs 1.0M NaOH
Water (H2O) 0.1M Ca(NO3)2
50mL beaker 1.0 CuSO4
Using the crucible tongs, take a magnesium strip and hold it in hot spot (just above the inner cone of fire) on the bunsen burner.
Use peripheral vision as not to damage your eyes and hold the tongs well so the
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The first being the two synthesis reactions, within synthesis there was also one combustion. Next there were two decomposition reactions. The next type of reaction we saw was two single displacement. Lastly, there were three double displacement reactions.
During this experiment, my lab partner (Alya Abourezk) and I had no major source of error. All instruments, reactants, and reactions operated and occurred properly.
Discussion of Theory: By using observations, one can determine the identity of substances produced in a chemical reaction by looking for a few key indicators. First, one must realize a reaction has occurred. In combustion, there will be a large flash of light and/or a loud noise often pertaining to fire. For synthesis, a new substance in often created out of two, so a change in physical appearance may indicate this. for decomposition, two products are crate from one reactant, so you will often see either residue of a second product, or two new products all together with two new physical appearances. In a single displacement, a gas is often created, so gas being given off by a reactant is often a good indicator. And finally in double displacement, two new substances will be created from two