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Shaquanta Culbreth
Patti Stafford
English 1102
24 April 2013
Doritos Road Chip Ever wondered why super bowl commercials appear so much before and during the game? The purposes of super bowl commercials are to raise the brand awareness and to put the company on the map. SI. com. Nearly 7 in 10 American adults watch the super bowl for the commercials.[->0]. Millions of dollars are spent on super bowl commercials every year. Super bowl commercials can make you laugh and cry but mostly laugh. Most of these commercials have you so anxious to get to their product. Although most people think the super bowl is all about drinking beer and football it is not, the super bowl is also about advertisement. Companies like: Doritos, Budweiser, Taco Bell, M&M's, and KFC are the main companies advertised due to the fact that, people will need food or drinks to accompany them during the big game. These companies make their commercials memorable because the best ads are able to remain on television and are replayed repeatedly during the game. Companies spend a small fortune to get commercials on television during the big game, and investisements that guarantees not only hundreds of millions of people will see it but also that the 30second spot will become part of the media conversation. Can you imagine how disappointing it is for the other companies that spend millions of dollars putting their ads up and they are never played again or even forgotten. Most of the commercials from the 2013 super bowl commercials were very memorable because of the humor in them. The humor is what captures the viewer’s attention. Why do super bowl commercials cost so much? Shows that have a lot of people watching can charge higher rates than shows that don't have a lot of people watching because more people will see the commercial, so therefore, super bowl commercials are expensive because the world views that game. A super bowl commercial attracts more viewers for its ads rather than for the game. Like about 51% of viewers prefer the commercials than the game itself.[->1]. Basically the commercials are in competition with each other trying to prove how much better their product is over other, therefore, the better the commercial and the hit of the 30 second ad, the more people would want their products. The one that struck my attention the most was the Doritos Road-Chip commercial. This is a persuasion commercial. The truck came to a halt for a red traffic light. The innocent toddler grew upset because the puppy was chewing on her toy and made her cry. To comfort her the mother tried to hand the toddler a Dorito. Every time she would hand the toddler one the puppy would jump up and take it. Finally the mom said last one. So the toddler held the chip up to the window just as the light was switching from red to green. The last chip was held up to the window; next she let the window down and said, "Jump". The puppy followed the last Dorito out the window but, at the last minute the toddler pulled the Dorito back into the