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Commitment in Men with Relationships
Each woman wants a committed man, however when they receive such a blessing it always seems to be at the wrong place or time. Trying to clear the bad name that women have given us is a hard task, for men are not perfect creatures; although there are inner desires and emotions that have to be met in order for one to commit to a life partner. Not every man is ready to be committed at the same time and age. Biological clocks are different in men; the desire for relationships is not the only desire we have. Men are complex creatures that want to experience life and understand that they are not missing out on anything. Men do want to commit but must make sure they are committing to the right thing. We commit our time toward hobbies and things of nature that we can readily enjoy. A woman that a man can value and enjoy will produce a committed healthy relationship.
Women always question why a man will not commit. Why keep seeking all these women when you can just have that one good female? Well for different men there are different answers for such a response. Men fall in different categorizes throughout their life, depending on the society and immediate family around them, element is a huge predictor. Excluding all closed societies i.e. Amish, African tribes etc., most men cycle through understanding women from a more social point to a serious one later in life. Many key factors influence a man’s willingness to commit. The man must be ready in his state of maturity to deal and understand the commitment he is putting himself in. But for most of all a compatible woman is needed to meet the likes and dislikes of a man for him to want to commit. Without that key component a healthy relationship will not thrive. Men are creatures with instincts and desires that one can fully pursue when not in a commitment of any sort to a loving partner. It takes a wise man with mixture of knowledge, determination and emotional value cared for another to make a committed relationship work for a lifetime.
Major Assumptions
The committed man consists of a few different variables. One would be a healthy upbringing dealing with thee observation of their parents as a child. A man must have cycled through his promiscuous adolescent categories with no past emotional baggage holding him back. The man must be in a seeking commitment mindset in order for there to be an initial commitment. Finally there must be a female that meets all a man’s like and dislike standards for the strongest bond connection. These major assumptions interact together making Commitment in Men with Relationships work. Observation of a parent’s relationship is key and is the basis to starting off on the positive or negative direction. Observing good parents and understanding how a committed relationship is beneficial would be a catalyst for a young man’s future. However, if parental observation was determined wrong the likelihood of a faulty future relationship is high. Men’s promiscuous adolescent categories really kick in after puberty. Understanding the female more thoroughly around the age of 12 and 13, intense attraction is the first stage. Second stage is the understanding of females and how to pursue what they desire. Once solidified what are their likes and dislikes in females. Slowly the promiscuous sexual nature slows down and there is a new mindset of maturity and female selection comes to an ideal woman.
For a man to be in this committed mindset he must be rid of all past emotional baggage, including phobias and past heartbreaks. If a man doesn’t overcome this he can be at that emotional state and never have a healthy relationship for the rest of his life. A males’ single lifestyle, wants and desires must be fulfilled or forgotten before entering a relationship; for no man wants to feel like they’re leaving something they could possibly enjoy behind. Or else in the future there is a