Romantic Relationships In The USAnd Saudi Arabia

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February 8, 2013
Fatjon Kercini
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Romantic relationships in the U.S and Saudi Arabia Many psychologists and anthropologists have argued that romantic love is a universal emotion, experienced by almost all people in all historical ages, and in all the world’s cultures. It is a basic human emotional desire to bond with another person. Despite its universality, culture has been found to have a profound impact on people’s definitions of love and on the way they think, feel, and behave in romantic relationships. This purpose of this paper is to discuss the main differences between the perceptions of love people in the U.S and Saudi Arabia have. These differences include the perspectives, practices, and patterns of their respective cultures. Different cultural backgrounds induce different perspectives on love. Today in the western culture particularly in the U.S people are more prone to find love or a suitable partner through dating. It usually refers to the act of meeting and engaging in some mutually agreed social activities, together (Wikipedia). This way people explore whether they are compatible by going out as a couple and try to build a strong relationship. In some cases these relationships serve as a precursor to marriage, but many other cases they last for a short period. On the contrary in Saudi Arabia people, due to their traditions and religion are not allowed to date. Women and men are prohibited to stay together without the presence of a third person. They believe that only after marriage a man and a woman can be together. Today many marriages are arranged by families and most of them want their children to marry a woman of the same religion, culture, and social standing. Sometimes these marriages are arranged among relatives, meaning that cousins can marry each other. Many people believe that arranged marriages last longer, but opponents argue that there is no love and this type of relationship is based on money and becomes more of a living-together than a healthy relationship. I believe that marriage is a union of two individuals based upon love, affection, and commitment; therefore people should be free to make their own choices. In addition, regarding to practices monogamy is the most common form of pair-bonding in contemporary societies, especially in Western industrialized countries such as the U.S. As defined in the dictionary (Merriam-Webster), monogamy is a commitment where a person marries only once in a lifetime, or only one other person at a time. Monogamous marriages are intended to be life-long commitments, with complete sexual fidelity of the spouses to each other. However, some people argue that in such marriages partners are more prone to engage in extramarital affairs, which may result in termination of relationships; therefore increasing the divorce rate. Oppositely, in Saudi Arabia polygamy continues to be practiced. According to Islam, a Muslim man may have four wives, as long as he can look after them and treat them equally. He can be seen as noble that he is providing for multiple wives and is not having affairs. Supporters of polygamy say that, polygamous relationships offer the possibility of additional income; also because there are many spouses the desire to commit adultery is decreased. This reduces stress and divorce rate; however non- supporters argue that in polygamous marriages the husband is in control. Also, they say that in fact it is polygamy that encourages adultery because it promotes the