Common Core Argumentative Essay

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Common Core has no political side, It's not a republican issue nor a democratic issue. There are republicans who support it while some who don't support it vice versa with democrats who like the idea and some who hate it. The goal for Common Core was to have students in different countries all learning the same basic math and english skills. However, the problem with Common Core is the student will have to be in a routine rather than comprehend the subject they are learning resulting in students not grasping the concept in a subject that isn't their strong suit.
The people behind Common Core are people who believe the federal government and the federal government alone should determine what goes on with students.For some time now most people
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It’s been five years and yet the Common Core supporters have only shown studies in which student’s test scores have shown few improvements. When Common Core was first introduced its main purpose was to properly prepare students for college and their careers. In order to see if this purpose is being achieved,the scores that should be checked should be from the SAT and the ACT since these are the scores that colleges look at to properly assess students planning to enter college; and as of right now it seems as if Common Core has had no major effect on those test scores. Researchers did a study on 33 public schools as well private colleges and universities . In all, the study examined the records of 123,000 students from more than 20 states. It found that test scores didn’t correspond with how well a student did in college based on grades and graduation rates. In fact, the average test scores of the SAT have actually lowered in this year. Also, to mention the SAT’s scores have fell once again; to the lowest level in 40 years. “A record 1.7 million graduating seniors took the SAT test last year. With a highest possible score this year of 800 on each SAT section, according to the College Board, students scored the worst since 1999 in math with a score of 511, and the worst since 1972 in reading with a score of 495, and the worst in writing since the section was added in 2005”(Dr.Susan