Communication Affects Relationships In The Work Setting

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UNIT SHC31 - 1.1

People communicate for different reasons including:
Exchanging and sharing information
Getting to know each other
Talking about needs or concerns
Helping to understand people and situations
Responding to people
Giving and receiving instructions

SHC31 - 1.2

Communication effects relationships in the work setting in the following ways:
Communicating with parents
Good verbal communication means that parents will feel that they can discuss their children and that their views will be listened to and respected. It may help them to feel confident that their children are happy and valued, helping to promote a more positive relationship. Good written communication is also important as parents are invited to look at and contribute to children’s learning journeys. It is important to be able to observe and express accurately how the children are developing and describe new milestones as they arise. Sometimes it is also necessary to provide written information regarding an occurrence in the setting which requires accurate written communication also. If the primary adults in children’s lives can communicate effectively about children’s needs the overall effect will be a positive impact on the children’s learning development.
Not communicating effectively with parents, for example if a misunderstanding occurs, means that the parents may lose confidence in the setting. The children may feel the parent’s anxieties and this may make them reluctant or withdrawn which could have a negative impact on their learning and development. Also a language barrier may mean that communication is not as effective as it could be and misunderstandings could arise. It may be necessary to request help in the form of an interpreter if this is the case to ensure that the parents and the children feel supported and valued.

Communicating with staff
Communicating effectively with colleagues means that everyone is aware of their role within the setting and what they are accountable for. For example who is undertaking the risk assessment prior to welcoming the children. It is important to have regular staff meetings to update staff regarding any changes, for example regarding workplace it policies and to provide reflective practice in order to improve upon the service we deliver. Written communication is also important as sometimes there are forms reporting accidents as well as written observations in respect of the children. It is important to communicate accurately using the correct vocabulary in these instances. Reporting on staff meetings also requires good written communication.
Not communicating effectively with colleagues means that the team may not be as