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SHC31-1.1 Identify the different reasons people communicate.

There are many different reasons why people communicate.
Communication is very important for establishing and sustaining good relationships between parents and practitioners and also for exchanging important information concerning children and their development.
Another reason for communicating is when we need to express our needs and feelings which is vital for keeping the emotional well-being of children and adults alike.
Communication between children and adults is important for showing support and providing encouragement for the children. Practitioners and parents need to let children know that they are aware of their needs and that they take interest in their life. This is vital for providing support and reassurance for children.
Good communication in a childcare setting provides a welcoming, calm and friendly environment for both children and parents. That makes them open up and share ideas, thoughts and opinions which is important part of communication.

SHC31-1.2 Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting.

In order to work effectively with children and their families it is essential to establish good relationships with a number of people. Promoting good behaviour and being a positive role model in the work setting is vital as is also and creating a good relationship and interacting with others, helping a better settlement and effective developments in all areas.
We need to build relationships with the children and young people that we work with, their families and colleagues to enable us to work effectively. Good communication skills help us to build good relationships with parents and colleagues.
Communication is extremely important when working with young children as we need to gain information from and give information to the child’s parents. It is important that we find ways to communicate with children that are new to the setting so that they quickly feel comfortable, settled and feel