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Community Analysis: Lexington, South Carolina

Robyn Alford, Kristen Connors, Katrina del Pilar, Allison Gulick, Diana Medlock

University of South Carolina

The Physical Community
Basic Fact Sheet (Lexington, South Carolina Data from, n.d.)

Area: Land Area: 5.7 Square Miles.
Water Area: 0.1 Square Miles.

Area Code: 803

Census Codes (Census 2000):
Block Groups:
Block Group 1: Census Tract 210.15, Lexington County, South Carolina 772 Persons/Sq Mile
Block Group 2:Census Census Tract 210.15, Lexington County, South Carolina 1,480 Persons/Sq Mile
Block Group 3: Census Tract 210.13, Lexington County, South Carolina 930 Persons/Sq Mile
Block Group 4: Census
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There was a range of types of homes that surrounded the parks. Overall, there wasn't a distinctively poor area of Lexington.

Figure 1.5 Map of Visited Mobile Home Parks (10/15/2005):
(Yahoo! List of Local Results: Mobile Homes, Lexington, SC., n.d.)

1.) Country Haven Mobile Home Park 116 Holly Tree St, Lexington, SC 29073 (803) 356-3330

2.) Hermitage Mobile Home Park
305 Hermitage Rd, Lexington, SC
(803) 359-4162

3.) Laurel Meadows Mobile Home Park
30 Country Meadow Ln, Lexington, SC 29073
(803) 356-2068

4.) Victorian Lakes Mobile Home Community
Highway 378 E, Lexington, SC
(803) 356-1880

According to the 2000 Census, the town of Lexington has a total of 13,926 housing units (See Figure 1.5). The average home price is $157,923, over 20,000 over the South Carolina average. 78% of housing units are owner occupied, in comparison to the United States average of 60%. The rapid increase of the Lexington population, has caused a rapid increase in real estate. According to Projected Census Data (see figure 1.6), there have been 2013 units built since the 2000 Census, which allowed for approximately 6123 more people to the population. With the 2000 census estimating about 9,793 residents, these new units will accommodate for approximately 62% more of the original population. In fact, if one drives to