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Discourse Community Analysis
Skills USA organization is a way where you bring your skills into real world situation and compete with others, a big thing in this organization is the fact that you have to learn to work with others. Being part and involved in an organization like this can help you in as a person grow. It is the teamwork, communication and willingness to work through problems what makes a successful team in skill USA. Therefore after being part of skills USA and competing with my team in community service I belong to the skills USA community service group from Billy Bob High School.
Being in a school that’s purpose is to prepare you for the real world and having many organizations that help you develop your skills, I was very motivated to join in and be able to grow. So after joining skills USA, I signed up for the community service project and the coordinator made a team with me and three other people. After our first meeting I knew our vision in this project was the same, win. We were all determined, to do our part and more if necessary. Therefore my team and I had the number one thing that makes a community, we had a same goal, vision and were full of determination.
Communication was a very vital thing we need, to be a team. The fact that our project was about doing something for our community, required us to go around and know our community, so our work required more than just school time. But since the beginning of the project we became closer friends talked more and got to know one other, we were able to work with each other’s schedule for meetings. And even though throughout our competition it wasn’t always easy, we would have our moments, from having to decide which hair style to not agreeing with someone’s work; we understood each other and at the moment we would argue but we would always communicate and never give up.
Even though we only got third place at district and couldn’t proceed to state our medals meant more to us then probably the trophy meant to the first place winners. The medal not only signified our hard work and dedication to the project but all so the friendships we made. After getting back from competition the school did a big welcomed to everyone who went to compete and made me realize that the prize was just extra compared to the