Compare And Contrast 9/11 And Pearl Harbor

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The 9/11 attack and the Pearl Harbor attack have a lot comparison. First of all, both attacks we’re very horrible and both attacks were surprise attacks which brings out that these two attacks are very similar to each other. Both attacks occurred in the morning and killed lots of people. These attacks were most definitely not expected and both attacks almost had the same death rate which is really shocking. A lot of civilians died in both attacks the pearl harbor attack mostly our army forces died that day which is really sad. These both attacks are similar in a lot of ways.
Pearl Harbor was the most devastating attack that ever happened in the 90s. A lot of our U.S army troops died that day because japan came and bombed us. I think that the U.S should’ve done better and stayed on high alert that day of the attack and I think this would have prevented all of those deaths that day, a lot of well-respected men died that day and I think the U.S has to take responsibility for that.
The 9/11 attack was on September 11; 2001 it was the most tragic attack that has ever happened. The attack was conducted by 19 terrorist and was highly trained and disciplined by Osama Bin Laden was a highly wanted person at the time. These 19 terrorists made it through security and they made it past 2
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Both president’s speeches were very similar. They both use deliberate a lot in their speeches and I find that one way they were very similar. They both were sorry and apologizing cause of the attacks and giving out their condolences in their speeches to those who lost family members in the horrible attack and they both described the attacks as an act of evil, which I find that very similar. The most important thing that was similar in these two speeches was they both declared war. FDR declared war against the Japanese and George Bush declared war against the