Compare And Contrast Pearl Harbor And 9/11

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Pearl Harbor and 9/11 are two events that changed the course of American history forever and they are two days that most Americans have engraved in their memory. It is through these events that we learned how strong our country could be when we all come together. These events also changed everyone’s opinion on war because our country was in danger. Pearl Harbor happened in 1941 and 9/11 happened in 2001, although these events are over 50 years apart they still share a lot of similarities. December 7th and September 20th are two days that all Americans should step back and think about how great our country truly is. The attacks of Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were both carried out by other countries such as Japan and Saudi Arabia. The foreign danger brought a lot of xenophobia to the country because a lot of people feared foreign terrorists were lurking around every corner. Although this fear was prevalent, the attacks brought out more good than bad in Americans as they all helped each other heal. Many people stepped up that day to save the lives of others and many enlisted in the military soon after to help fight in the war. Similarly, after Pearl Harbor many people decided to join the military as it was obvious then, more than ever, that both war …show more content…
When something big happened on the news, one usually knew it was serious. Today it’s almost as if the news is ignored, by some, to an extent because of the stories that are covered. As time went on the media took a turn towards the entertainment side of the industry. Although, the stories that are important are covered, most are not as life altering as Pearl Harbor or 9/11. The only thing media wise, that was similar in Pearl Harbor and 9/11 is that all the news stations at the time were covering those events and that both presidents gave national speeches about the situations at hand. Media played a big part in circulating the stories of the