Compare And Contrast Democrats And Federalists

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Expository Writing Project The Federalists and Democratic Republicans have a lot in common, But you would be surprised by how much they are different. If you didn’t know Adams and Jefferson have a history of disagreeing, it went back all the way when George Washington was president. These two people are the people who started the political parties.
The Federalists are led by Alexander hamilton and John Adams. The Federalists believed that we should be allies with Great Britain. One of the big reasons they liked Great Britain is because they have good trade ties with them.
The Republicans are led by Tomas Jefferson. The Republicans want the French to be America’s allies. Jefferson wanted the French because they had the second best navy. The French also could challenge Great Britain. The French also would help the U.S. in a time of need, like during the American Revolution. One other thing that the Republicans liked about the French was that there government was run by the people and states. Sadly the Republicans were being criticized for wanting to ally with the French because the French were currently fighting a revolution.
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Another reason is that Great Britain’s government was similar to the way the Federalists want to govern the United States.
One other way they are different, is the way both parties want to govern the U.S.. The republicans wanted the U.S. to be run by the people and states. They believed that the Constitution was a strict and clearly limited the powers of the Federal Government. One reason they didn’t like a strong Federal Government is because they thought it would be too powerful and the states wouldn’t have a say in any