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I behave in a cordial, courteous, and well-mannered way when among adults or higher authorities such as my parents, professors, and managers. However I may act different when among my friends or family. While my morals are intact through a foundation of values and beliefs that my parents inscribed in me, my surroundings and life experiences have played a big role in the way I have formulated my own moral character.
Throughout my childhood my parents were extremely strict which led me to become considerably respectful towards others. It was very rare to find kids that acted with such respect and maturity because of social factors. The factors that came into play was our ethnicity and peers. These peers could have influenced our actions and thoughts but did not thanks to the morals that were deeply inscribed in us.
As a child, a teen, and a young adult until this day I second-guess what my next move will be. I think of the possible outcomes of one wrong choice I could make: who could possibly hear of it, what would be said, and most importantly how it can affect my future. Anything that looked or sounded a fraction wrong was a “no” answer. Therefore, carefully making decisions throughout my lifetime is something I greatly value because these decisions can lead to accomplishments or failure.
With that begin said, I live by a moral compass that has guided me through a righteous path. Figuratively speaking, as a compass itself, it guides one through the four points by directing one to their destination they wish to arrive. I have labeled these cardinal directions or values to represent integrity, responsibility, compassion, and most importantly forgiveness. My destination depends on the circumstance in which I am found and the results I wish to attain.
To begin with I was brought up in a Catholic church and live upon the principle that one shall forgive if in all honest one regrets and apologize for the sin that was committed. Like the Bible verse states “When someone repents, God removes his guilt” (The New Oxford Annotated Bible, Is. 1:18). That is why forgiveness is essential because holding a grudge is something one would not be able to continue living with. For this reason forgiveness points north to me.
Secondly East is represented through compassion for not just my loved ones but for all. As my right hand is virtuous and serves those in need whenever I get a chance to. The west is directed by integrity as my heart is located towards the left where I keep my morals and principles intact. Lastly, responsibility is in the south because I was born and raised to hold responsibility with daily tasks as many other southern kids were also educated to.
However there are times when I ignore my moral compass. I redirect them because of what society broadcasts as being right or wrong. As being an active member of society, out of respect, and curiosity listen to what others have to say attentively. I reform and reinstate my belief and opinions form others. In fact I am not the only one who is persuaded into the other side of the fence. Several studies have linked and placed great importance on the interaction of the individual and its surroundings which relates how moral functioning connects with our morals (Paciello, Marinella, et al. 197). A juggle through our own beliefs and society’s is what causes our thoughts to become flexible. We rearrange our thoughts and find reasonable judgment to balance out these new beliefs. In contrary those who are biased can be known as fundamentalists because they are not influenced in what others think or say but strictly in biblical reasoning.
I can recall when gay rights was a hot topic on television. The opinions of both sides of the spectrum were seen through interviews of random individuals. These people participated in marches to show their support or to oppose on the issue. To begin with I was oppose to these individual’s rights such as marriage because of