Complain: Meat and Loyal Customer Essay

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I would like to express my frustration with Kroger. I am a loyal customer and when I go shopping at Kroger I pass Wal-mart, Target, Martin’s and a few other stores to do my shopping. Normally my experience is very pleasant but not today. I normally purchase my meats from Kroger so I went there to today to get the Kroger select steaks, at check out I only have a few items so the cashier puts everything into one bag, or so I thought. When I get home to unpack my shopping I find out that I do not have any steaks in the bag, I paid $27.00 and did not have any steaks. I figure it was a mistake and they will have the steaks waiting for me when I go back. When I go back to the Kroger it appears that my steaks have been given to someone else, again no problem I can just go back and get some more. When I go back to the meat section they do not have those steaks available seems mine were the last ones. I speak to the store manager and she has the meat department cut me some new ones. I do not know exactly what kind they are but I tell them sirloin and that I was going to grill them. The meat department cuts me steaks and wraps them up in butcher paper so I am not sure what I am getting, but I still have faith in Kroger that they will get it right. Much to my surprise when I get home I have two steaks that weigh over a pound and a half each no near the steaks that I had originally purchased. This has been the most frustrating experience that I have ever had with Kroger. At