Computer Software and Barclays Bank Essay

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Software –the programs and other operating information used by a computer. Software programs provide a range of tools that support the operation and management of a computer system. Software programs are widely used in all business especially service sectors such as hotels, shops, flight companies, banks and etc. Surely Barclays bank is using software programs as well. First of all Barclays software has to be absolutely safe because bank is responsible for customer’s money. Also it has to be easy managed because a wide range of people are using it. So let’s talk about what programs Barclays bank is using:
The main operating system which is used in Barclays bank is Linux software. Barclays bank chose to use Linux because it is cheaper and easy to use to Barclay’s employees. Bank sad that bank cuts its software development costs by 90%. Using Linux reduces the reliance on operating systems from suppliers such as Microsoft and Oracle and the licence fees required for their use. So Linux software has strong impact on a Barclays bank because they can perform all banks operations and save money at the same time.
Online banking – there is no doubt that this innovation has strong impact on all banks, including Barclays, success. The biggest advantage of online banking that you can access your account from anywhere. If you're on a business trip or vacation, you can still manage your money and financial transactions. By the way you have twenty-four-hour access. When your bank is closed you can still access your account and make transactions online. It's a very convenient alternative for those that can't get to the bank during normal hours because of their work, health or any other reason. Online banking saves a lot of time because you don’t have to go to the bank and wait in line. Also it has many features such as applying for loan or insurance, review interest rates and etc.
Mobile banking – this program is similar to online banking, but I would say it even more handy. Not many of us have computers when we go for a walk but almost everyone has mobile phones. So people have 24 hours access to their bank account from everywhere. But I want to mention that mobile banking has less features. For example you cannot apply for a loan.
Contactless payment – this innovation can be used for purchases under £20. It makes payment faster and easier to use because you don’t need to enter a PIN. So all of these software innovations make Barclays bank more accessible for all customers. Customers really value what is simple and convenient for them.

Business Information system – it is a collection of interrelated components that work together towards a collective goal. It involves organisation, technology and people. So over here we are going to talk about Barclays bank. We will explain the key differences between the common types of business information systems.
Management information system (MIS) – this information system supports decision-making activities. Barclays bank is really important to know who is their customer, what is their financial past, even how much they earn. This information is especially important