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Within an organization it is important to have certain rules and guidelines set in place to have a productive and harmonious work place. Having a policy for office dating helps to eliminate potential sexual harassment charges and other legal consequences. With in the last few years my organization has tripled in size going from about forty members to over a one hundred and thirty. In comparison to many companies this is a smaller office. The organization was originally comprised of more women than men so there was no policy for office dating or working with relatives.
With any office employees spend a great deal of time together. Sometimes we spend more time with our co-workers than we do our own families. It’s important within our organization to have close relationships with each other since we work as a team to obtain our mod goals. For years there were co-workers dating and family members working together. Although over the last few months the office has changed due to several issues involving couples within the office. One of the assistant directors was fired due to claims of sexual harassment. After this HR submitted a survey to determine what employees considered sexual harassment, due to the inconsistence a policy was put into place. Those already involved in relationships we given the options to switch departments.
Placing this policy against the ethical decision making model the first step for this situation would be to observe the interaction of employees to determine if there is any inappropriate behavior. Ask questions to determine if any inappropriate actions have taken place under the radar. Next define the specific problem that could cause legal issues for the university. Define what liberties are being taken away from employees to determine if it’s necessary for the better good of the university. To determine an