Essay on Distributive Justice

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Distributive Justice
According to Wikipedia, Distributive justice concerns the nature of a socially just allocation of goods in a society. A society in which incidental inequalities in outcome do not arise would considered a society guided by the principles of distributive justice. The concept includes the available quantities of goods, the process by which goods are to be distributed, and the resulting allocation of the goods to the members of society.
“It is often thought that ethical validity and ethical universality stand and fall together, that a moral norm can be binding only if it is binding everywhere and at all times” (Borgman, 2006, pg. 40).
John Rawls (1976), stated, “Justice is the first virtue of social institutions.” Thus it is widely regarded as an important concept and influential force in philosophy and the social sciences”.
In the United States, as elsewhere, issues of distributive justice are connected to concerns about systematic poverty and racism, and questions about the fairness of affirmative action; policies that grant preferential treatment to particular racial or gender group. While it is clear to most people that skin color or religion should not be valid criteria of distribution, real-life experiences suggest that such factors often turn out to be quite significant.
In his Theory of Justice, John Rawls states that one’s place of birth, social status and family influences are matters of luck that should not unduly influence the amount of