The Importance Of Two Different Concepts In Psychology

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White taking Introduction to Psychology I learned specifically two different concepts. The first of these was nature vs. nurture. Nature is defined as " a person's biological inheritance, especially his or her genes." ( King p. 264) I am overweight so is my mother and her mother as well. There is research that says genes predetermine our height and weight among other things. Since there is a history of obesity on my side of the family as well as my husband there is a possibility our daughter may be more prone to being overweight without proper diet and exercise. Nurture, however, "refers to the individual's environmental and social experiences." (p. King 264) When growing up I was looked after by my grandmother the majority of the time. As a result I was not allowed to watch most things that teenagers were exposed to. I also was not allowed to really go and hang out with my friends during the week. I also was an only child and was around adults more than people my own age. Growing up in this type of environment made me the kind of person I am today. I have been told by many that I am far more mature than my age and that I have a "old fashion" since of humor. The second concept that I learned was stress and different types of coping. The main type of coping that I thought would be useful for me and my life was the emotion-focused coping which "involves responding to the stress that you are feeling - trying to manage your emotional reaction - rather than confronting the root problem. " (King p. 497) I find when I get stress out that I have numerous health problems that pop up. One of which is migraines that can only be relieved with sleep. When learning about stress I also learned about managing my and developing more coping skills. My life is full of stress and at times it leads me down dangerous paths. I do very unhealthy things. I sometimes