Concrete Promise Essay!

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Nichole Baughey
Phase 1 Individual Project
26 Nov 2012
Tanya Vandelinde

A concrete promise that a commercial makes if the product is purchased is that you will have a happy child if you purchase a McDonalds happy meal. There logo is I’m loving it so that should also show that people really do like it. There colors are red and yellow and theses implied ketchup and mustard and when you look up at their sign it makes a person happy. This commercial does not imply any of the following no healthy sense in it it is also all about kids when you see a child at McDonalds they are very happy. This is a family setting fast food place but I think its really bad they focus most on the children and the fact that the food is just so unhealthy. I feel sometimes that people get persuaded into purchasing this product because it is so easy to get to. There are many McDonalds in the U. S. that are easy to access. I for one do like McDonalds food but I choose not to eat there all the time because its so unhealthy and causes so many health problems in the long run. I have been persuaded to purchase this product because I am a mother and sometimes its nice to take my son out to eat for a nice price. It is inexpensive and easy to make your child happy. I feel its worth it to just see my son happy over the smallest little happy meal box. I do not take him there all the time because its very unhealthy and I am not about feeding my son unhealthy foods all the time. In conclusion I feel