Concussions Affecting The Game Of Football

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What do you think about when you think of football? When people are asked about football normally they think of things such as hard hits, injuries, and highlight plays. In this paper we will be focusing on injuries and more specifically on concussions and how they affect the game. “According to NFL data obtained by The Associated Press, 154 concussions that happened in practices or games were reported from the start of the preseason through the eighth week of the 2010 regular season.” With this being said many players in the NFL also hide or downplay a concussion so that they can continue to play.
All around the game of football weather it is Pop Warner, High School, College, or NFL concussions play a huge role in the game of football. In
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Of course the kids and even most fans want there to be high-school football; however once the information is shared to the parents of those kids the parents are way more likely to go along with the movement once they are aware of the consequences their kids could face!
Another way Concussions have changed the way football is played is by the amount of rules that have been either made or adjusted to keep players safe. For example Stanford had the ball it was 3rd and 7 they chose to throw the ball as the quarterback threw the ball to the receiver the corner back dove and hit helmet to helmet with the receiver. Unfortunately the receiver did not catch the ball, however because the corner back hit helmet to helmet it resulted in a 15 yard penalty, an automatic first down, and the player was ejected.
Overall there are many ways that concussions have changed the game of football! Weather it is taking out football all together or making new rules and modifying old ones to make it a safer game. I am sure that as the years go on the way you and I know football will change. It will be interesting to see how big an impact concussion has on football. Be sure to be alert in the news to see will football go away for good? Only time will