Conflict Management Styles

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Many people usually experience conflict at some point in they're career within the workplace. Conflict is common and can happen at any time. There are several reasons why an individual may experience conflict while at work. These reasons can include anything from change within the working environment or derived from personal issues. The following literature Review was formed to identify how to utilize conflict management styles in different working environments when conflicts occur. This paper will also highlight the causes of conflict and the different steps of conflict management styles used to help resolve conflicting issues. It will also explain the conflict management aspects such as team performance and workplace impact.
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The occurrence of conflict in the workplace is constant. Conflict will always occur in the workplace so learning the proper conflict management skills is very important. Learning the different the cause of conflict and utilizing the correct skills to manage them will reduce conflict in the long run. Causes of conflict in the workplace usually involve tasks conflict, relationship conflict, and process conflict. These are the three most commonly known categories that cause conflict in working organizations.

Task conflict

Task conflict primarily starts with group members. It involves the different expectations coming from each group member having different visions on the outcome of a given task. Task conflict also happens when group members concerning facts differ or just the overall interpretation of evidence. This type of conflict is common in all businesses. When two parties are unable to come to a common ground on a work related issues, "task conflict" happens. In a business or organization, task conflict can relate to the distribution of goods and services, over policies and procedures in the company, or even just the lack of completing a work-related
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This strategy will help improve the dynamic of the work related groups. Conflict can be the number one stressor at any job as it takes a critical toll on individuals daily lives. Productivity and performance can really affect an organization setting if a conflict is not dealt with immediately. As a leader inventing strategies such as implementing efficient team performance,is a great way to stop conflict and also claims of workplace bullying. Workplace bullying is also the cause of conflict amongst large groups employees. Focusing on the conflict and how to make the situation better will make your job ad a manager easier when it comes to managing workplace