Conflict Speech from 13 years old Essay

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I’m here today to talk to people about self-inflicted illnesses and if the NHS should help people who have them. Only 15.2% of people are for the treatment of people who inflict illness on themselves the other 84.8% are against. There are many ways that people can cause self-inflicted illness smoking, drinking, bad dieting, drug abuse and etc. but the question is if they are doing it to themselves, should they be treated for them?
I am only young no one should be denied treatment for illnesses and injuries. It is inhuman to deny people the treatment they need, but if they are doing it to themselves should the NHS pay for this treatment? People are developing illnesses such as lung cancer and asthma from smoking, kidney failure and anemia from drinking, type 2 diabetes and gallstones from obesity and depression and Parkinson's disease from drug abuse but people say that there are more serious things to deal with, but these things are serious too!
Most people pay money towards health treatment, but they are also using other peoples money along with this, so the arguement is why should other people pay for treatment for people that harm themselfs, well it is not always their fault, some people get pressured into doing things at a young age that they then get addicted to, or they could be doing it due to sadness, depression, or grief.
A simple solution to this would be to make them pay for their treatment, but what if they can't, would you just leave them to die? I think