Essay on Conformity of Man

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“Your opinion doesn’t matter”, “no one wants to hear your opinion”, and “your opinion is stupid”. These are popular among the self entitled masses. Opinions shifted by morality create the inner framework of what is, in its simplest terms, a personality for the individual. Morality provides some kind of psychological justice. The subjective analysis between right and wrong provides for everyday struggles. Conflicting opinions create conflict not only within the individual, but manifests itself in violence, hateful speech, and misidentification of self worth.
But I am here to discuss something more important; I want to discuss the expression of our individual values and ideals. You see, there's something wrong with me, every time I try to voice my opinion, my sense of justice, my code, my words are always jumbled and misunderstood. I can never procure a string of sentences. And then, there's always that one guy. The self entitled, narcissistic, sociopath who interjects my words, who damns my beliefs, who demands that me expressing my opinion is wrong. A Man who invokes derogatory statements to make me exhibit feelings of sub­par self esteem. . The “claim to be prophet” drives his righteous beliefs on me, t every word, every prose, every transcript, every quintessential detail he goes on about, goes against my morality. Which leaves me with very few options: I can conform to their ideals and standards, living outside of my individual, become a new person, or someone I’m not. I can educate myself. Surely the great Martin Luther King Jr’s words moved civility to equality and deemed communication far greater than death itself. debate and battle against such a man, maybe he should choose my next option instead of vice verse. I can give up. I always give up, like many people here on Earth. But you see, giving up is just as bad as conforming “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” says Edmund Burke. To conform is to give up one's way of life, to give up one’s identity, to give up oneself. We've all done it; we've all given up a piece of ourselves to "conform" to another ideal to fit in. But I am here to demand it stops. Ladies and