Essay on Confronting Death

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Confronting death is never easy. It's a subject that most people find frightening and hard to talk about. Death can be terrifying. Recognizing that death is inescapable and unpredictable makes us incredibly vulnerable. This disrupts our instinct to remain a living, breathing organism. So what do we do? We try to manage this terror, acknowledge that leaving a life of pain and suffering is better than remaining here we just can’t find it within us to let go. Ultimately, we know we must, but we hold on and still death comes to us as the grim reaper and we want life to continue, holding on to even faint reminders of the loved one who lived in and animated the body we have known. It's necessary to be aware of the veracity of death - to know that it can happen at any moment, any time. The inability to think of death in such a way is what makes it so tragic when someone close to us passes away. If we're open to death, if we accept that it's always there, lingering over us, then we will successfully loosen the grip it has over us. But because most do not look at death in such a light, many cannot cope when it rushes into their lives. Despite one’s age or health condition, losing a loved one always brings sadness. We sorely miss those who have been so important to us in life. But we are all dying. So even if there is not an acute illness or circumstance afflicting you or your loved ones at this point in time, it is important to…