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Conservation Letter

Dear Community, I truly believe that the new resort that is being proposed should not be built. It will hurt the ecosystem of the phlox moth and many other species. Even though by building a new resort will help the economy, it will destroy the ecosystem and all the species living near it will not be living in peace. I ask my fellow community members to be on my side and help the ecosystem out. There are many reasons why this is beneficial to not build the new resort. As I said, it will kill the ecosystem around it and will not help the community. The phlox moth, which is an endangered species, is found in Oak Pine Barrens with a prairie opening in its view. Phlox moths do not colonize new openings very quickly as other species. Roads and trails disturb this type of moth as well as construction activity and also if they plan of building this resort in the months of May and June when they are the most active. So as a result, this construction project would not be ideal for wildlife especially the phlox moth. These moths require lots of space and sunny shade. People may think by building a new resort will help strengthen the economy but actually preserving the wildlife helps the economy more because by having richer diversity of life. you can help the discovery of new medicine and its also much more beautiful to look at. Politics can interfere with deciding to whether build it or…