Constitutional Rights Assignment 3 Essay

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Constitutional Rights
Turrochelle McEachern
Introduction to Public Policy/ PAD 525
Professor Dr. Timothy Smith
This report reviews and analyzes individual rights afforded by the constitution and their applicability to the suit for wrongful termination in the case of Korb versus Raytheon. The specific constitutional rights under review are the freedom of speech, freedom of information and challenges associated with employment law. Lawrence Korb, a former Assistant Secretary of Defense and current employee of Raytheon, a large equipment manufacturing company for the U.S. military was terminated after making public statements criticizing defense spending and calling for a reduction of Navy’s fleet. Raytheon, a manufacturer of
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In this case, the Washington Post after hearing complaints of Korb’s public involvement in an anti-nuclear proliferation nonprofit known as the CNS and his advocacy of reduced defense spending ran an article describing Korb's speech at a press conference as "critical of increased defense spending" (, 2010). Following the publication of the article, several military officials "expressed their disapproval" of Korb's comments. Despite writing a letter of retraction which ran in the Washington Post, Raytheon terminated Korb's position after it continued to receive Navy, Air Force, and Armed Services Committee objections. The freedom of the press protects the Washington Post from reprisal despite the fact that their publication of the article promulgated the wide publication of Korbs comments which stimulated the feedback resulting in his termination.
Analyze and explain any challenges with employment law.
Korb was speaking as a member of a nonprofit organization during his lunch hour, not necessarily as a spokesman for Raytheon. A question that comes to mind is does that characterization make Korb's speech, in his role as a private citizen, more worthy of protection? Or does Korb's high-profile position make his connection with