Civics: Law and Supreme Court Essay

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Will Bartol
Civics in the News

Choose an article that bears a focus on American Government and Civics. The article must be at least a full page in length. Hard copies must be printed and stapled to your typed reflection.

Bibliographic Information: Must be completed in order to receive credit for assignment
Title of Article: Judge stays healthcare ruling, gives White House deadline
Publication Date: 3 March 2011
Web site/ Newspaper title/ Magazine title: Yahoo News
Author or Press source: Tom Brown
Topic: ___Politics ___Science/Health ___Economics ___War ___Culture ___ Foreign Relations

Briefly but completely summarize the main points of the article: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?(8pts) On January 31st U.S District Judge Roger Vinson declared Obama’s healthcare law unconstitutional. On March 3rd Vinson put his ruling on hold. He is now giving the Obama administration seven days to ask an appeals court to review his ruling, and said that if the deadline wasn’t met the law could be declared void. Obama’s administration agreed and said that the quickness of the judgment could have caused problems for many citizens of the U.S. that are being helped by the new law. In declaring Obamacare unconstitutional, Judge Vinson has agreed with governors and attorney generals of 26 states. The original reason of why he declared the law unconstitutional is because the law requires that all citizens need to buy health insurance in 2014 or pay a fine. Although many people disagree with the new law only one other judge other than Vinson has ruled against it. Vinson feels as if this issue will eventually be settled by the Supreme Court. He says what’s most important is that the issue is solved as soon as possible. With the law regulating around one-sixth of the national economy, it’s no question that the sooner this