Contemporary Hospitality Industry Essay

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The Contemporary Hospitality Industry Assignment 1

Task 1 Understand the current structure of the hospitality industry

1.1 Demonstrate the diversity of the hospitality industry explaining how it has achieved its current complexity, scale and scope.Your answer maybe made more clear by using specific examples.

The hospitality is all about to satisfy the customers , welcoming them and make them feel special.The hospitality industry is a very diverse and complex industry and it is always changing . Changes are needed in the industry because the interest of the businesses (hotels, restaurants ,pubs) is to meet the customer`s expectations.Diverse because the
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The United Kingdom and actually the whole England is a country with a lot of attraction available, a lot of historic things , places to see but beside that we can find here the modern life as well like the busy night life with the various night clubs , cinemas, theatres, casinos.This is a very good, fantastic opportunity to invite , to bring , to make customers to feel it is worth it to visit UK.I think english hospitality people has realised that this is a fantastic occasion to develope , to grow the hospitality economy and that this will make a good affect on employment because the growing hospitality industry can create more jobs in the industry and in the related industries for example in the tourism, travel , event industry or in the supply chains or in the advertisement, media businesses.A report commisioned by British Hospitality Association (BHA) and prepared by Oxford Economics showed that the hospitality and catering industry is very important to the British economy because this industry employs around 2.4 millions people in the country and with this figure hospitality industry has