Continuing Embryonic Stem Cell Research Essay

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Continuing Embryonic Stem Cell Research There are many diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or spinal injuries which are incurable. For the patients who have that kind of disease, there is a possible medical treatment. Embryonic stem cell research is something that may lead to cure for those diseases. An embryonic stem cell is different from other cells, because it can develop into any other type of cell. It can develop to such as skins, bones, or muscles, so this treatment may possibly cure those diseases. To save people who are suffering from incurable diseases, scientists should keep studying this stem cell research. Not only to cure people who are suffering right now, but also we can stop incurable diseases being taken to our next generations. Out of many studies on medical treatments to cure incurable diseases, stem cell research may lead current medical technology to find the solutions for them. Once this research has succeeded, we can expect huge advancements in medical science. Many other treatments are being researched, but they cannot be compared to potential abilities of embryonic stem cell research. When embryonic stem cells can grow up to any type of cells, adult stem cells can only grow up into limited cells. But adult stem cells have less ethical problems than embryonic stem cells, which are treated as human lives, because adult stem cells are collected from grown-up’s organs. Nonetheless, we still need to research on embryonic stem cells, since they are only possibility to treat incurable diseases for now. A counterargument that most people oppose about is an ethical problem. Many people consider embryo as a human life, so they argue that this embryonic stem cell research is like killing a real human life. If an embryo is really a human life, maybe being discarded is more miserable than used as an object of a research. Fertilized embryos will be saved for future uses; otherwise they will be used for research purposes or abandoned. Being used for research and contribute to medical science and save millions of people may be more meaningful to an embryo, which has a possibility to develop to a life. Furthermore, embryos used in this research are reasonable to use as experimental objects. Before women fertilize embryos, they make a choice among saving embryos for next use, donating for research use, or discarding them. So embryos are approved to use for the research purpose by donators in advance when they donated embryos. There is another opposing point about embryos being destroyed during the research. This research is still on the stage of studying, so embryo destruction is unavoidable condition. This is another reason why scientists need to keep study on it and find a new method that prevents embryos being destroyed. Funding problem is also important to the stem cell research. Succeed in stem cell research may produce a lot of industrial and commercial incomes to a nation. Since this research requires a lot of money, it is hard to proceeds investigation without funding. There may be great profits to a nation, but in my opinion, this research should not be supported by federal funds. Stem cell research is a big issue throughout the world. If research succeeds, there is no worry about federal interferences. On the other hand, if research fails, the whole world is watching this failure. In this case, a