Contract Analysis Essay

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Contract Analysis
Sophia Jones
BUSI 561
July 19, 2015
Carolyn Dragseth
Contract Analysis Case Study
In this paper an attempted analysis is made to answer the following questions from both a legal and spiritual perspective: What should be done about continuing doing business with Marshall? If you elect to stop doing business with Marshall, what legal causes of action might he bring against your company, what damages or remedies might he seek, and what legal defenses might your company have? Also, if you stop doing business with Marshall, what are the potential impacts on Marshall’s continued exploration of his faith? What biblical options are available for resolving your disputes with Marshall?
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There is also the issue of an employee’s capacity to bind by contract. The law states that businesses may agree to contracts through their agents, or employees (Lillard, 1992). The ability of an employee to bind his or her company to contract is a matter of agency law. When the permissions of another party are in question, one should always ask that the contract be reviewed or signed by the company president of your supply partner. Even if Marshall thought the seventeen year old minor was of age, he should have checked on his ability to agree to a contract. Marshall should also have made the minors’ employer aware of the contract before asking for it be signed. Section 2-306 of the uniform commercial code states that a lawful agreement between the seller and buyer creates an obligation by the seller to supply goods and the seller to promote sales of the goods. However, no unreasonable demands may be made in comparison to previous output of goods. Marshalls’ demands would be found in bad faith and unreasonable. The bible asks believers to make an effort to live at peace and to resolve disputes with each other within the Christian community in conformity. The resolution of any conflict should initially be resolved at the lowest level possible with only the people who are directly involved in the conflict. This is to prevent many law-suits, and end plenty of disagreements and conflicts. According to biblical teaching as Christians should have a forgiving