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Analytical Report: Finance Analyst


In this report you will find a detailed analysis of a Finance Analyst job. This report will include a job advertisement , job description and analysis of education requirements, experience requested, salary and benefit averages and where you might find similar jobs like this one.

Job Advertisement analysis:


• The job ads analyzed suggested University Degree in Business / MBA / Accounting Designation
• A minimum of 3 years in a business or financial analytical role
• Excellent analytical and problem solving skills accompanied by strong business acumen
• Superior PC Skills in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access
Job Descriptions analysis:
A)providing proactive and meaningful analytical support to Dealer Contract team members and b) help key stakeholders thoroughly understand the financial impacts of potential financial arrangements and to help highlight risks and opportunities to senior management.
c) Perform full financial analysis that assesses the impact of differing financial arrangements on forecasts and business cases which will lead to better forecast of business results of changes in contractual agreements d) identifying issues, opportunities and emerging trends
e) Prepare and evaluate cost/benefit analysis of various financial elements of the Dealer Contract to contribute to strategic business decisions
Salaries and Benefits:
1 to 3 years experience – 35k – 42k
5-10 years experience 50k – 110k
11 year and up 155k +
Benefits for all positions varied based on the company but most offered a basic health, dental and vision package.
Works cited: Appendix : A
Job advertisement / description

Financial Analyst, Dealer Contract
Toronto, ON, CANADA
Company Overview
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