Control Essential Essay

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1. Describe the kind and strategies of control applied by your manager to control the employees' job. Be specific by showing examples. In case you are not working, please, refer to your last job. Controls can be classified according to the time at which the control is applied to the activity-before, during or after. My last job was in OCASA, my manager was Lisebel Sardinas she is a good manager, she gave me the responsibility on my jobs and tasks day by day, the time elements in controls that I considered she used inside the company is the Feedback controls; the major reason is because she evaluate an activity after it is performed, as example every Friday after 12 pm I did a report, and she evaluated how much I advanced in my job and …show more content…
d. Effective controls allow for self-feedback and self-control. A self administrative control system saves considerable time. Employees can do much of their own controlling if the system permits them access to their own feedback. One of the things that I think OCASA need to add in order to bring a better quality of jobs to the employees, is the knowledge of how the customer have a develop inside the company because when I worked there the information of customers come day by day, but we never know how the customer paid in the past, and I think if they change that form the employee can feel comfortable and do a better job.

e. Effective control systems provide timely information, controls lead to positive changes in behavior if the control information is available quickly. Given every week the feedback, we can make adjustments but if the manager brings day by day feedback the adjustments can be do a perfect score.

f.. Control measures are more effective when employees have control over the results measured, people rebel when held responsible for performance deviations beyond their control. One of the characteristics of effective control which in my opinion need to bring more information in order to do a capacity to each of the employees in the manage and better knowledge’s of the economic situation, on this form the